The Green Web Foundation Api Service

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Fill in a website and click the check button to check it


The greencheck api service can be used by calling the /greencheck/{url} script at this url.{url}

The greencheck api service expects only one parameter : "url". This should be the url of a website without the "http://" part, so just "".
This url parameter is checked and the result is returned to the calling script. The result contains a couple of fields:

Looking up "" with the greencheck api

returns the following json result


Jquery example

View the source of this webpage to see how you can call the greencheck api service by using jquery

The Green Web add-ons

There are add-ons that use this api, available at The Green Web Foundation webiste, called The Green Web. It shows you for every website you visit if it is green, and if so the hosting party.


In the future, we will add some widgets to this page, so that you can easily put a greencheck widget on your site, without the need to code it yourself